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5 places where you can be hacked

With FREE public Wi-Fi available in more places than not, it is very easy to use it without giving it a second thought.

Cybercriminals, also known as Black Hat Hackers, can easily take advantage of that trust and oversight by simply sitting in a location with public Wi-Fi and connecting themselves to your smartphone or any other electronic device and then gain access to your personal information without your knowledge.

Here are 5 places, of many, where you should be careful when using free public Internet.

1. Supermarkets

It is convenient to be able to take a break from using limited data while you shop for things you need, just be sure to avoid entering your usernames and passwords while using public Wi-Fi. You never know who could be strolling the aisles in search of access to your personal accounts.

2. Airports

The free public internet available in Airports can be super helpful with the notoriously long wait times but if you like to use the same password to log in to your Netflix account as well as your accounts with your debit and credit card information, be sure to think twice before typing those important passwords publicly. You never know who else has booked a flight in hopes to take off with your usernames, passwords, and card information.

3. Hotels

As relaxed as one would hope to feel when staying somewhere away from home, one must not be so relaxed when connecting to the public Wi-Fi that hotels, motels, and Airbnbs offer. A cybercriminal could easily book a room nearby and gain access to critical private information from the comfort of their own room.

4. Restaurants

Going out to eat can be a pleasant and enjoyable experience unless you end up unknowingly paying for someone else's meal. A cybercriminal can be dining nearby and if you use the public internet they can silently and invisibly join you online as you check your bank accounts or pay electronically.

5. Gyms

When headed to exercise at your gym, one of the last things that you would think about is your online safety. But, just as quick as you can get out of breath, a cybercriminal can gain silent access to your smartphone or laptop, without even breaking a sweat.

There are public locations that have some methods of protection, such as portals to log in, but in all places you should be careful when logging on to bank accounts and other sites with sensitive information.


If you need to log in to a bank account or other website with important private information we, at 5CheckTech, highly suggest turning off your Wi-Fi and using your own personal data OR getting a VPN software to help you create a tunnel through the public internet.

Just by adding these two safety measures to your routines and outings you can increase your Internet security and take your online safety back into your own hands.

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