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Block out the bad from your home

Did you know that one of the main reasons that a person becomes a pedophile, resorting to paying for sex, and the extreme, sexual slavery, is a pornography addiction. Timothy Ballard from Operation Underground Railroad says that in his experience with hundreds of child traffickers 100% of them are addicted to pornography. These addictions started years ago, and in many cases, being exposed to it as children and youth.

What does that mean for you and your family? As a parent, aunt, uncle, cousin, and neighbor you can help keep those around you be safe from inappropriate content by putting the proper internet filters and layers of protection in place.

Do not let your child or even your spouse cross paths with inappropriate content on the Internet.

Internet Shield is our response to filtering and protection against inappropriate Internet content. Our configuration can protect key points on your computer, and that every device "in a perfect world" should have. Here are the key parts on your computer that should be protected:

√ Your Internet connection

√ Your web browser 

√ Your operating system

We at 5CheckTech can help you with this configuration from comfort of your home through our remotely provided services. You will be able to watch every configuration that we are going to be doing in your computer.

5CheckTech | Protecting FAMILIES against Internet THREATS from the comfort of their home.