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Welcome to 5CheckTech. We Protect FAMILIES  against Internet THREATS from the comfort of their offices or homes. Our goal is to enhance the security of your system. 

5CheckTech | Fortifying families against digital threats.

A Healthy System is:

Virus Free

Worm Free

Trojan Free

Free of Ransomware

Regular Deep Cleaning of OS

5CheckTech | Home Computer Security Services at an affordable price.
 It is important to prevent technical issues before they start. 


      There are 5 main ways to keep your electronics and information safe:


  • Having Web protection which increases security with the different types of online threats.

  • Having Exploit protection installed to protect and defend against exploit kits.  

  • Having Malware protection installed to protect your electronic devices.

  • Having Ransomware protection to avoid your information from being encrypted by a cybercriminal.

  • Making sure the Firewall protection is in place to control what traffic is allowed to cross from one side to the other.



Gabriel Antigua

Gabriel Antigua

IT Computer Specialist

Gabriel is a co-founder of 5CheckTech. He loves TECHNOLOGY and helping people with their electronic devices. He has been involved in technology since 2007. With his knowledge, he is ready to help you.

Karin Antigua

Karin M. Antigua

Social Media Marketing

Karin is a co-founder of 5CheckTech. 

When she is not with her 4 children she is a helping hand in social media. She is AVAILABLE to help with any questions regarding the services we offer at 5CheckTech.



CompTIA A+, Network+

TestOut: Security Pro, Linux Pro

TestOut Server Pro: Install and Configure,

Manage and Administer, Advanced Services

"With me, you will always have a personalized service."

5CheckTech | Protecting FAMILIES against Internet THREATS from the comfort of their offices or homes.